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How to Maximise an Extension with Aluminium Sliding Doors

Home extensions are wonderful ways to add value to your property and get some additional space. They can be seen as a cost-effective alternative to moving to a bigger home, but there are things you can do to get the most out of your new extension. 

For instance, you can install aluminium bi-folding or sliding doors to truly maximise your investment. Why is this a smart choice to make? For starters, there are many benefits to bi-folding doors in general. But, there are also lots of advantages to using aluminium over more common materials, like uPVC and timber.  


Why use sliding doors for your extension?

It’s essential that you use bi-folding doors for your extension because they help you save as much space as possible. The mechanism that makes these doors fold and slide open will not take up any extra room in or outside your property. You’ve paid for an extension to help you get more space in your home, so the last thing you want is for a portion of it to be taken up by a door hinging open. 

Furthermore, the design of bi-fold doors will illuminate your home with natural light. This makes the whole interior of your extension look so much nicer. Alongside this, bi-fold doors are contemporary and easy on the eye, making them very sought after. As such, adding them to your extension can add even more value to your property overall. 

You also have the benefit of noise-cancellation. The design of sliding or bi-fold doors means that you have large glass panels that look out into your garden. We’ve already mentioned how this can benefit you with natural light, but it can also mean you block out a lot of noise from the outside. Thick windows combined with solid frames will mean that less noise travels into your home. So, it makes your extension a much quieter and more peaceful place to be. 


Why opt for aluminium bi-fold doors?

So, you know that installing bi-fold doors on an extension is a smart choice. But, why should you choose aluminium ones over uPVC or timber frames? Well, it turns out that there are many benefits to aluminium as a material for your doors: 

  • Impressive durability – One key advantage of aluminium doors is that they are far more durable than other materials. The sturdy nature of the material means it can easily stand up to heavy gusts of wind, constant rain and any other weather conditions. As such, we have a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee on all of our aluminium bi-fold and sliding doors because we’re so confident that they will last. 
  • Better aesthetics – Likewise, aluminium doors look a lot better than other ones. This is because we’re able to offer such a variety of colours and styles for you to choose from. The aluminium frames will look extremely modern and contemporary, adding to the appeal of your new extension. 
  • Easier to maintain – Again, these doors require less maintenance than uPVC or timber ones. The other two materials can very easily attract dirt, and timber ones are particularly bad at soaking up water and seeing damp or mould growing around the frames. With aluminium doors, you simply need to wipe them with soapy water now and then. Any dirt or grime will slip straight off, so you don’t have to constantly scrub away at them every single week. 
  • Excellent energy efficiency – Our aluminium sliding doors exceed thermal efficiency regulations to ensure that your home is as efficient as it possibly can be. Granted, a big part of this is down to the windows we use as part of the installation. However, aluminium is shown to be a more energy-efficient material than uPVC or timber. So, having solid energy-efficient frames around your doors will make your extension even more efficient than it otherwise would be.


Overall, you can maximise your extension by opting for aluminium bi-fold or sliding doors. They save so much space, provide excellent thermal insulation and sound-cancelling properties, are easy for you to maintain, will last much longer than other materials and provide better aesthetics. This all combines together to help you create an extension that genuinely adds a lot of value to your property. In turn, this makes it an investment that’s more than worthwhile, giving you an attractive extension that adds value for many years to come.