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Our aim has always been to manufacture the highest quality products, so our processes, materials and craftsmanship need to be equally matched.


We have whole-heartedly adopted aluminium as our material choice for the manufacture and installation of our entire bespoke product range. Aluminium is undoubtably the most suitable material for bi-folding doors due to the large expansive spans of the doors and their high number of components and moving parts. The growing demand for light filled, open plan homes has driven the popularity of bigger doors and windows with thinner frames, which can only be achieved by using aluminium door & window systems. Thermally broken aluminium is undoubtedly the most suitable material for today’s luxury homes and the manufacture of our specialist product range. Our products are constantly getting slimmer frames, lower U values & increased strength, which means our bespoke, British made aluminium products are ideally suited to residential & commercial projects, as well as grand feature projects such as the completed work displayed in our case studies. Aluminium can also be recycled infinitely, which is why it is considered one of the most environmentally friendly materials & the most recyclable industrial material. Along with the green benefits, aluminium is essentially maintenance free; meaning that keeping the bottom tracks clear is the only essential maintenance for our folding and sliding door systems.


The inherent strength of our aluminium profiles ensures our systems operate effortlessly as well as guaranteeing years of reliability and security. The constant advances in thermal break technology ensure that all our products surpass all current & future building regulations meaning that heat will be retained in a property throughout the colder months. Another major benefit is that unlike materials such as timber and PVC, aluminium does not breathe, nor expand or contract, meaning doors and windows can be taller and wider, without compromising the performance of the product. The strength of aluminium is why all commercial buildings in city centres and tall skyscrapers around the world are installed with aluminium products because they have been proven to stand the test of time.

Available in our three most popular colours

The aluminium products that we offer through Express Bi-Folds Direct are available in black, white & anthracite grey. White is perfect to match existing doors & windows but black & 7016 grey are extremely popular due to their modern and sleek appearance. Traditionally dark colours have been avoided in doors & windows because the dark colour draws in heat that makes the frames expand but aluminium doesn’t suffer from this problem like UPVC & timber doors & windows do, so we find that our products powder coated in black or grey create a real design statement within your home.


Integral blinds are the ideal solution for bi-folding doors! Large amounts of glass need screening for privacy and to control light, and when combined with large clear openings this causes problems. Because they are contained within the glass itself, they can be concealed discretely when not in use, and stay out of the way when the doors are opened.


You want your new expanses of glazing to look great and suit your everyday needs to become a space that you can enjoy for twelve months of the year.  Express Bi-Folds Direct provides glazing which tick all these boxes.

Glass accounts for a significant amount of our products & the outer fabric of your home so it is crucial that premium quality glass is used. We offer top quality, toughened soft coat low E glass as standard but can offer glass for any application including enhanced security, solar control, obscure and triple glazed glass units.