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Glass & integral blinds options

We offer top quality glass as standard in all our products. We offer toughened softcoat low E in our bifold & sliding doors. Our flat roof lights are glazed with 6mm toughened low E glass as standard, and our EOS roof lanterns are glazed with a soft coat Low coupled with solar control blue glass.

We also offer the opportunity to add sliding venetian integral blinds into our bi-folding doors, and the option to add laminate glass to our entire product range. You can find the information on our various glass specifications below.

Integral blinds - perfect for bi-folding doors

Integral blinds in glass are a neat and stylish alternative to curtains, external blinds, and other window dressings for your home. Perfectly suited to bi-folding doors we offer venetian blinds which fit perfectly inside the double-glazed unit, meaning they can’t get damaged and will never need cleaning.

Our high-quality Uni-Blinds are backed by a 5-year, manufacturers guarantee and are encased within double glazed, argon gas filled units, and feature a double seal which helps guarantee the long-term quality and energy performance of our bi-folding doors. Two seals mean extra protection – giving you peace of mind that you won’t have problems in the future. The secondary seal also gives the insulated glass unit (IGU or sealed unit) its structural strength, ensuring there is no chance of movement once installed. This is especially important in the larger sealed units that are used in bi-fold doors.

The practical solution

Integral blinds are easy to install – the same way as any other sealed unit and they are also the only practical solution for bi-fold doors, as they don’t interfere with the opening mechanism and sit neatly inside the panes of glass. Adding a stylish finishing touch to your room, integral blinds in glass are perfect for controlling room temperature, maintaining privacy, and protecting your furniture from fading. They give you the ultimate in protection from the heat and glare of the sun whilst remaining dust and dirt-free – forever.

Blind operation & specification

The SV system is a manually operated sliding Venetian blind which features a single, cleverly designed magnetic slider to control the whole operation. Positioned on a narrow slide guide on the edge of the sealed unit, this cordless slider integral blind control system allows the blind to be raised, lowered, and tilted with ease completely cord free. The patented magnetic system with a raising and tilting function is encapsulated within the glass. The slider that operates the blinds is placed on the right or left-hand edge of the glass with a narrow adhesive transparent profile ensures the linear movement of the slider.

Cordless sliding operation

We offer the sliding venetian blind system boasting the following main features:

  • Closed-loop belt transmission system allows smooth and long-lasting function of the blind
  • The external magnetic slider is treated with the Sanitized patented antibacterial finish, which provides a long-lasting protective function
  • The patented warm edge spacer bars and the plastic side profile improve the energy performance of the insulating glass unit
  • Meets the requirements of child safety standards
  • Only one device is used to raise and tilt the slats


Industry leading specification

The SV system provides a slick visual result that requires no cords on the face of the glass. The blind is encapsulated within the two glass panes of a double-glazed unit, with thermal efficiency optimised thanks to a warm edge spacer bar that we offer as standard.

Innovation is at the core of the SV system thanks to the reduction of blind friction caused by the system of internal cord winding. The closed-loop belt transmission system allows for smooth and long-lasting function of the blind, giving total reliability alongside peace of mind.


TGH Low E glass as Standard

We offer a premium quality toughened low E glass as standard in our bifold, sliding doors & flat rooflights. Our high-quality glass combines excellent thermal performance with the ultimate in clarity thanks to a virtually invisible, microscopically thin coating. Double glazed units incorporating a soft coat low E coating offer up to three times more insulation than standard double glazing, and significantly better thermal insulation compared to hard coated low-E products. This will deliver considerable savings on heating bills and eliminate cold areas around doors & roof windows.

Added benefits include maximising the natural light into the home, without haze or tint effects, and reduced condensation on the inner pane. With its superb insulation qualities, our low E glass will ensure you keep more warmth inside the home. Our glass units are fully compliant with Building Regulations requirements & exceptional Window Energy Rating (WER) performance is achieved thanks to the optimised balance between a very low U-value and high solar gain.

Laminated safety glass

Toughened laminated glass is a combination of laminated glass and toughened glass. Laminated glass consists of two pieces of glass held together by an extremely tough PVB plastic interlayer. Whilst toughened glass is processed to create a product that is extremely durable and resistant to heat. When combined, these two materials create an extremely sturdy solution which has fast become a popular choice due to its seamless finish and fantastic durability.

This type of tempered glass offers high performance and strength under extreme pressures and is less prone to breakage & more resistant to an intruder. This means that even if one-panel breaks, the safety glass will maintain its form and stay in place rather than shattering. Additional benefits include noise reduction & reduced UV fade through the glass making it an ideal choice for your home in particular for our roofing products.

Part Q security recommendations

Building regulation Part Q applies to new builds only (or where a new build is formed by a material change of use such as a renovation or refurbishment) and took effect on 1st October 2015 in England.

Doors (including front and back doors, bi-folds, French doors and sliding doors) and windows (that is windows on the ground floor, basement, and any accessible roof lights) must be able to resist physical attack by a casual or opportunist burglar by being sufficiently robust and fitted with the appropriate hardware.

Part Q applies to easily accessible doors and windows that provide access.

  • Into a property from the outside
  • Into part of a building containing flats from the outside
  • In to a flat from the common parts of the building

It does not apply to replacement windows.

If you are ordering your doors for a new build home, then you should order laminated glass for your bi-folding & sliding doors. Likewise, if you are concerned about security then we recommend laminated glass as it is much more difficult to break through than standard toughened glass.

Laminated glass is also worth considering for your skylight products, again it has security benefits as it is harder to breakthrough, but it also alleviates any risk of the glass shattering above you as the PVB plastic layer between the glass will hold it together even if it is cracked or damaged by an intruder or a falling object from above.

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