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Fitters pack



Our fitters pack provides many of the essential components required to complete the installation of our bi-folding doors. The fitters pack includes the general tools required to install our XP10 bi-folding doors, the fitters pack contains concrete fixings, wingtip fixings, steel fixings, expanding foam, silicone and toe and heeling packers.  

General glazing tools are required to install the XP10 bi-folding doors, our fitters pack is available to ensure you have the correct materials to properly install the bi-folding door. The XP10 fitters pack includes:

  • 1 x Expanding foam.
  • Toe & heeling packers in various sizes.
  • Levelling packers in various sizes.
  • 3 x tubes of Silicone in the same colour as the door you have on order.
  • 7 x Wingtip steel fixings.
  • 17 xConcrete fixings.