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Are Our Aluminium Bi-Folds & Sliding Doors Safe and Secure?

We sell a variety of aluminium bi-folding doors and sliding doors that come with a plethora of features and benefits. However, we often get asked the question: are your aluminium products safe and secure? People want to know two main things – are the products themselves secure, and how do they compare to other materials? 

As such, we’ve created this short guide to walk you through all the key safety elements of our aluminium products, showing you just how safe and secure they are: 


Solid and reliable

All of our aluminium doors are injected with a liquid component that sets hard as a rock. This makes the frames as hard as possible, creating a solid barrier between your home and the outside world. It is incredibly hard for anyone or anything to breach these doors because of how solid and durable the frames are. When compared to uPVC or timber, they are worlds apart in terms of durability and stability. 

We are so confident in our products that every single aluminium door we sell will have a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee attached to it. This means that, if any issue occurs during the decade after you purchased it, we will make changes or fixes for free. Our products have been tested over many years, so we know that they will stand the test of time. As such, you don’t just get solid and reliable doors that remain secure for a year or two, you get some that will keep your property safe for decades to come. 


High-security locks

We understand that the aesthetic appeal of your doors isn’t always the only priority. After all, our doors are designed to be exterior doors, meaning they can be opened from the outside. Anyone can climb into your garden and have quick and easy access to your home if the right security measures aren’t in place. 

Therefore, we fit all of our doors with security lock barrel cylinders. These locks are incredibly tough as we use premium 3-star diamond-rated BSI cylinders. What does all of that mean? Effectively, it means the locks are anti-snap, anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-bump. In essence, it is incredibly difficult for someone to access your home via these locks unless they have a key. It will give you peace of mind that, as long as you lock the doors, nobody will be able to get inside. 


Excellent security features

As well as the high-security locks, our aluminium products are built will additional security features. There are multi-point locks throughout, which makes it even harder for someone to break through the door. The entire system is glazed from the inside as well, which adds to the security by further toughening up the door. 

However, one feature that we’re particularly proud of is concealed gearing. Unlike a lot of other aluminium door products, ours are built with concealed gears. What does this mean? Well, it means that nobody can see where the gears are, so they can’t be attacked or tampered with. A lot of break-ins happen when people attack unconcealed gearing, effectively letting them take a door apart. Our manufacturing and installation processes don’t let this happen, ensuring your family is safe. 


Safe for young children

Naturally, there will be concerns when you have aluminium bi-fold or sliding doors around children. Two common worries our customers have are: 

  • Children tripping over the bottom runner
  • Children getting themselves or their body parts caught in the door

We are well aware of these concerns, which is why all of our products are equipped with features to counter and prevent them from happening. Our doors come with a flush bottom track, so you never have to worry about your little ones tripping up. As a bonus, we think this makes the doors look a lot better as well! 

Additionally, we install a magnetic panel catch that holds the doors in place. So, when they’re open, there’s no risk of them folding or sliding closed. It eliminates the risk of young children getting themselves or their fingers caught in the doors. 


We pride ourselves on producing and manufacturing aluminium products that add value to your home, yet still provide you with all the safety and security features you need from a door. As demonstrated in all the points above, we take safety and security very seriously. If you’d like to learn more about our products and all the other features they possess, check out our online shop here